UFCW Local 88


$7.70 per week - $9.00 or less hourly wage

$9.20 per week $9.01 - $13.00 hourly wage

$11.70 per week $13.01 - $17.00 hourly wage

$12.70 per week $17.01 and up

Initiation Fee $200.00

(If a new member attends their first Union Meeting after affiliation
a $100.00 credit will be applied to their initiation fee).

Your union dues are based on your hourly rate of pay and billed for the current month. In the event that you have a valid withdrawal card from another UFCW union you will not be billed the initiation fee, however, you must notify Local 88 that you have a withdrawal card and the previous local number. If you are employed by a company that has a current Working Agreement with Local 88 it is your responsibility to make sure that your union application and check-off card (when applicable) is received by the union within 30 days of your employment.

If you leave employment or are transferring out of Local 88, contact the union office and request a withdrawal card. There is no charge for a withdrawal card. All dues and initiation fees must be paid in full before a withdrawal card can be issued.